Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mixbook Opportunities for Improvement

I've created three nearly 100 page books with Mixbooks at this point and I'm willing to use it again, so it has some definite upsides, but it also has some "opportunities for improvement," things that just drive me nuts or feel a need to fix a book and reprint it.  These things really should be fixed.

I'll go into my major beefs with Mixbooks below.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

South Dakota / Wyoming Travels

Black Hills, Yellowstone & Tetons

Linda and I recently traveled with a group of Grove City alumni on an Orbridge tour of National Parks and Lodges of the Old West. I had intended to write daily, or almost daily blog entries but that plan ran afoul of three problems:
  1. Blogger is crippled on an iPad, it needs keys that don't exist on a touch interface,
  2. Internet access is spotty at best in South Dakota and Wyoming,
  3. The trip was packed with activities allowing little time to write or reflect.