Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Navigating the SmugMug Gallery

BarrettPhoto images are primarily shared through our web site hosted on SmugMug.  SmugMug is wonderful and all, but the gallery pages can be a bit confusing.  It has a lot of controls to access various pieces of information.

The image at right shows a typical gallery view with all of the controls as presented on the web site.

This post attempts to clarify what the controls actually due.
The area to the left is largely about navigating the gallery.  Selecting the image that is displayed in the larger window to the left or navigating to another set of images.  The following image labels the various controls.

The selected image sits in a nest of additional controls provided mostly by tiny icons, which while reasonably standard, are far from clear for many people.  The image below goes through those controls.

Perhaps the most import of those buttons are the TWO that offer downloads of the image.  Both of them are a little arrow pointing downward at a small horizontal line.  The control in the top line of buttons will download an entire gallery.  The control in the bottom line gets just the current image.

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