Thursday, May 16, 2019

Using Adoramapix Referral Link

Opening an AdoramaPix account using a referral link can be confusing, even frustrating, based on the reported experience of some past travelers.  I'm writing this post as a fairly detailed, step-by-step how to page, for someone wanting to order a BarrettPhoto book.

The first step is to follow (click) a referral link to go from my web site to AdoramaPix's where an account can be created.  I include a referral link in the text describing each book and often through other means.

Please note, that I have tried to be detailed and complete, AdoramaPix may change their site at any time.  Also, some people have seen a different first screen.  I believe they always have a Join Us or similar option to create a new account which should lead to the process I outline below.

After clicking the referral link, your browser should show (in a new window) a page that looks like the following.  You do not need to type anything on the page, rather click the Join Us link at bottom one the page.  In the image below, you should be able to see a small hand icon floating on that link.

Initial Adoramapix Screen -- Click Join Us 

The page will update with a new form where you need to fill in some data.  I used my name and email address, please use your own and a password that you can remember.

After filing out your name, email, and password, click on Select One after the "How did you hear about us?" question.

Fill out three fields and they select "Referred by a friend"
Your screen should update to include a question about who referred you.  Please answer this with my email address as shown in the following image (only a portion of the screen shown):

Type my email address into the referral field as shown in this image

Next select an answer to the "Are you a photographer?" question by clicking on the text immediately to the right of the question and selecting an answer from the drop down list as shown below (only a portion of the screen shown):

Answer the Photographer question as you like

Finally, click the agree to terms and conditions box and then Sign Up.  Of course, feel free to be the person who actually does read those nasty screens of legalize if you really want to. 

Agree to terms and conditions and then click SIGN UP

Now, you should have an AdoramaPix account.  They issue the credit after the first order over their threshold ($50 I think) is made.  

You will need to use your account to actually order the book (or anything else) from Adoramapix.  You can access the page to order the book by clicking on the image of the book on my web page (the first image in this post).

Please let me know if this process doesn't work and what was confusing.

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